The minisite system has been developed to enable it to manage local information directories. We have found that having niche, localised, well built and well maintained directories dramatically increases the traffic and conversion rate of all websites and businesses listed. Our minicommunities™ receive the same optimisation, maintenance and attention as their website counterparts, so they come packaged with the same benefits as your minisite.

Owning and maintaining a fully functional, and successful directory can be a chore and can often consist of a lot of working hours for very little gain. The minisite system takes the majority of this worry away as creating new listings and updating old ones is quick and simple. You also benefit from the full system updates and maintenance ensuring your place in the search engine hierarchy.

Successful listings within a directory can often require a stand alone website to further progress their reach and market presence, with a minisite directory you will have the power to create and maintain starter and basic minisites for your listings and/or clients.

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